GALA for a Greener Midlands Nomination Form

The Midlands Green Awards are being presented by Keep the Midlands Beautiful.

The Midlands Green Awards were created to recognize individuals and businesses for their exceptional work in making the Midlands a cleaner, greener, more beautiful community. Keep the Midlands Beautiful wishes to recognize individuals, groups, and businesses for the wonderful example they set for all residents, and visitors, to the Midlands.

Midlands citizens are encouraged to submit nominations for individuals, groups, or businesses who they believe best live into the vision of Keep the Midlands Beautiful by working to make the Midlands a cleaner, greener, more beautiful community.

All nominations must be submitted by midnight on November 17, 2012.

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Please share why you believe this person, group, or business should be recognized. If your nominee is selected to receive the award this information may be used in the awards ceremony. Helpful tip: provide specific examples and state actual accomplishments.

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